Days of the Dead 2017

Ryan Cadaver and Rad Ranger kick off 2017 with the first con of the year: Days of the Dead, Atlanta!

Days of the Dead is "where horror comes to party." What a better way to kick 2017 into high gear than spending the weekend getting rowdy with the Horror Punk Scumbags!

DotD Events

  • Casket Creatures will be playing Friday, February 3rd, at 11:00 PM as part of the Black Track!!
  • Ryan will be part of the Horror and Metal panel on Saturday, February 4th, at 1:00 PM as part of the Blue Track #codeblue
  • Rad Ranger and Ryan will be part of the So You Want to be a Podcaster panel on Sunday, February 5th, at 1:00 PM as part of the Blue Track #codeblue

Show Notes:

Rad Ranger's Radical Radcast (with Ryan!) now goes to ELEVEN!

Ranger, cohost Ryan Cadaver, and Lauren (the ex-Juggalette) meet up at The Highlander in Atlanta, GA and talk some shit. We discuss Tommy Lee, what makes The Highlander such a rad place, and go into the origin story of Ryan becoming a cohost on the Radcast. We also drink pitchers of PBR, attempt to yell into the recorder over the bar noise, and shove food in our mouths.

This is either the best or worst episode EVER. You decide!

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After five guest appearances, Ryan Cadaver makes his official debut at the co-host of Rad Ranger's Radical Radcast.

We'll see how long that lasts. Damn lead singers...

On this episode, Ranger and Ryan interview author, artist, and all around rad dude, Steve McGinnis. Topics include horror, wrestling, conventions, and Canadians being super friendly.

About Steve (from

Born of the ashes of a Graphite planet, Steve McGinnis has invaded the art world one brush stroke and ink line at a time.Being the youngest of the family, born in the early seventies had some down sides, plaid pants, The Bay City Rollers & Disco. However, the up sides were that Steve could watch movies and TV shows meant for a much older audience, like Jaws, the Trilogy of Terror, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

[...] Steve has illustrated for Fangoria, Gorezone, Gore Noir, Horror Metal Sounds and provided covers for Diabolique Magazine, Fangoria, Gore Noir, Horror Rama and Scream Quarterly. Has also illustrated labels for Deadly Grounds Coffee.

Steve's graphic novel, Rise of the Harvester synopsis:

Samuel Troyer was different than the other children in the small village of Brantwood. He was much bigger and stronger. And he was a little odd, which made him an outcast and a loner. But when his father finds willing children for him to play with, his dark side surfaces and new formed friendships end all too quickly.

Buy Rise of the Harvester:

It's a Dragon Con flashback!!

This is the audio from the Mighty Morhpin Power Ranger's reunion that took place on Saturday during Dragon Con 2016!! The Rad Ranger moderates a panel with Austin St. John (Jason, Red Ranger), David Yost (Billy, Blue Ranger), and Robert Axlerod (voice of Lord Zedd).

It was a dream come true, and an awesome experience! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (but I doubt it, b/c I was over the moon!!).

Rad Ranger has an exclusive interview with Jason Cope. Jason is the frontman for the modern grunge band Pure Ed from South Carolina. Pure Ed was recently the cover band for Grunge Magazine (available on newstands now!) and is doing their part to bring soul back to modern music.

We discuss the music scene in general, grunge's importance and recent resurgence, and just how cool it is to be on a magazine cover!!

Other links:

Note: There were a few slight audio problems, at times the equipment didn't want to play nicely. However, I think I was able to successfully edit down a lot of the audio issues.

Rad Ranger, Ryan Cadaver, and Nicole talk about their whirlwind trip to Orlando.

We talk about the rides, the scares, our favorite haunts, and all things HALLOWEEN at Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World.

No intro or outro this week, we just jump right into the trip report!

This is the second part of my discussion with Ryan Cadaver (Casket Creatures) and the Son of Celluloid, Nathan Hamilton, about the haunt industry.

Ryan and Nathan have almost 40 years combined experience in the "haunt" industry. This is the follow up to the first episode. We continue our discussion about their personal history in the industry, haunts in and around the country, and share great haunt stories.

Be sure to stay tuned at the very end to hear a few minutes from our late night trip to the infamous (well, infamous in Snellville, GA) BRUSHY FORK!!

Once again, fuck Hulk Hogan, LET'S TALK HAUNTS!

Co Hosts


Some of the Haunts We discuss

The Rad Ranger meets up with Ryan Cadaver (Casket Creatures) and the Son of Celluloid, Nathan Hamilton, to discuss haunted houses.

Ryan and Nathan have almost 40 years combined experience in the "haunt" industry. In this first episode we talk about their personal history in the industry, local haunts in and around Georgia, and what makes working for a haunt so much fun.

Short shownotes this week, I'm heading to Orlando to attend Halloween Horror Nights ( I'll have a trip report, as well as part two of this great discussion (with bonus audio from a late night trip to Brushy Fork, in Snellville, GA!) when I get back next week!

Until then, fuck Hulk Hogan, LET'S TALK HAUNTS!

The Rad Ranger crashes a Casket Creatures rehearsal and gets the story behind #arenasuperstar! Thanks to Ryan, Derek, Cliff, Kevin, and Tony for taking time out of their schedule to talk spooky music, crazy venue stories, and struggles with tribute bands.

Learn the origin of #arenasuperstar!

Upcoming Shows:

Full details here ->

Watch the new video from The Casket Creatures, HeXed, on DreadCentral:

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Kevin Mayfield Photography:



Darkness Pines:

The Creature Cast (Ryan and Derek's old podcast):

Phantom Troublemaker's Needless Things:

Technically this isn't a "horror" or "spooky" themed show. BUT, since Metal is the haven of all things dark, and this episode is 200% METAL, I feel like it's appropriate to include this month.

I had the pleasure of being a panelist for the American Sci-Fi Classics Track panel; Heavy Metal Music in Science Fiction and Fantasy. My fellow panelists and I dive deep into the history of heavy metal, it's roots in folklore, and eventually just devolve into proclaiming Metal the RADDEST GENRE OF MUSIC EVER!!

Many thanks to track directors Joe and Gary for allowing me to take part, and my fellow panelist, Tegan, Bethany, Melinda, and Gary (he gets around). It was a fantastic experience, and definitely a RAD highlight of the Con.

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