This episode's topic: DC Cinematic Universe!!!

Rad Ranger and Ryan are here to help you determine what is, and isn't RAD!!

This is the first part of the debate about the current state of DC's "Cinematic Universe." Rad Ranger and Ryan debate which movies are, or are not, rad, and what future films might be rad!


Is it RAD? We'll tell you what!


Rad Ranger and Ryan are here to help you determine what is, and isn't RAD!!

The Rad Ranger, Monica Moniker, Ryan Cadaver, and Battle Cougar all went to MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!!

This is a live recording after the show, recorded while driving home. It's our instant reactions to the "go home" show before WRESTLEMANIA 34! You guessed it, it was RAD!

Are movie remakes rad?

This episode's topic: Movie Remakes

Rad Ranger and Ryan are here to help you determine what is, and isn't RAD!!

Love 'em or hate 'em, studios just keep re-making some of our favorite movies. The Rad Ranger and THE Ryan Cadaver offer their perspectives on whether or not certain movies should be remade, and if so, what makes a remake successful. 

Read Ryan's review of the new Tomb Raider reboot here:

Is it RAD? We'll tell you what!


This episode's topic: Movie Soundtracks

Rad Ranger and Ryan are here to help you determine what is, and isn't RAD!!

Rad Ranger and Ryan discuss what makes a good movie soundtrack, movie soundtracks that stood out to us (and why), and, most of all, are movie soundtracks RAD??

Spoiler Alert: This is another episode where we both agree!

In no particular order, we cover the following movie soundtracks in part (or whole):

  • Space Jam
  • The Crow
  • Judgement Night
  • Flashdance
  • Footloose
  • Back to the Future Franchise (and the greatness that is Huey Lewis and the News)
  • Kenny Loggins oeuvre
  • and probably some more that I've forgotten!!

Is it RAD? We'll tell you what!



Days of the Dead

This episode's topic: Days of the Dead

Rad Ranger and Ryan are here to help you determine what is, and isn't RAD!! 

This episode is the first of the new format, where we discuss a topic and determine if it is, or isn't, rad! In this episode we discuss the Days of the Dead Horror Convention. We talk about our experiences at the con, share stories from the 2018 Atlanta convention, and try to help you decide if Days of the Dead is worth your time and money.

Spoiler alert: It is!!

Thanks to Jami at Galactic Quest Comics in Lawrenceville, GA for letting us record at the shop! Be sure to check them out if you're in the area, and give them a Like on Facebook:

Days of the Dead is online at

Rad Ranger's Radical Radcast, with Ryan: Is it RAD? We'll tell you what!

London Sex Alley

Almost a year to the day, Rad Ranger finally publishes the audio from his trip to London!!

The Rad Ranger joined Radio Cult and Pure Ed on their 2017 UK tour. He sits down with Ricky and Bambi a couple of different times and they discuss the music scene in London, the UK's newfound love of Space Cat, and getting lost in an alley full of sex shops.

This episode is part trip report, mostly rambling, and some small insight to the local music scene around London. Overall, London was super RAD!!! 

Be sure to check out these rad UK bands:

This episode is part two of the Dirty Fuckin' Trash Bastards audio and starts off with a "Moment with Battle Cougar."

Battle Cougar and Rad Ranger talk upcoming movies and go into their thoughts on remakes. Ranger also pontificates about Mark Millar's Millarworld, and probably gets all his facts wrong.

Ryan and Derek eventually join the conversation again, and there's probably more talk about the upcoming Aquaman movie (Ryan is really stoked on Aquaman).

Dirty Trash Bastards

It's 2018!! New year, new episode, and a new show???

Derek Obscura and Battle Cougar join The Rad Ranger and Ryan Cadaver for this very special episode* of Rad Ranger's Radical Radcast!

In this episodes we:

  • Wrap up 2017
  • Laugh at Ranger's inability to release episodes
  • Ryan and Derek recover from Power Hour
  • Discuss movies, music, and television, notably things being released in 2018
  • Possibly starting another show (that will probably only release a few episodes)
  • and much, much more!!



* It's mostly just an extension of the last episode of Ryan and Derek's Bullshit Hour

WE'RE BACK!!! Rad Ranger, Ryan Cadaver, and Battle Cougar (Nicole) talk about what they'll be doing at Dragon Con 2017.

The Rad Ranger, with Ryan, got a chance to go see an early screening of Power Rangers.

Naturally, given our love of all things Morphinomenal, we had to share our thoughts about the movie. We recorded our thoughts before the movie, then immediately after, as well as a couple of solo thoughts, and then one last segment with final thoughts.

What did we think? Listen in and find out!!

Read more about what Ryan thought over at Tom Holland's Terror Time: Power Rangers Make a Mighty Morhpin Return

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