After five guest appearances, Ryan Cadaver makes his official debut at the co-host of Rad Ranger's Radical Radcast.

We'll see how long that lasts. Damn lead singers...

On this episode, Ranger and Ryan interview author, artist, and all around rad dude, Steve McGinnis. Topics include horror, wrestling, conventions, and Canadians being super friendly.

About Steve (from

Born of the ashes of a Graphite planet, Steve McGinnis has invaded the art world one brush stroke and ink line at a time.Being the youngest of the family, born in the early seventies had some down sides, plaid pants, The Bay City Rollers & Disco. However, the up sides were that Steve could watch movies and TV shows meant for a much older audience, like Jaws, the Trilogy of Terror, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

[...] Steve has illustrated for Fangoria, Gorezone, Gore Noir, Horror Metal Sounds and provided covers for Diabolique Magazine, Fangoria, Gore Noir, Horror Rama and Scream Quarterly. Has also illustrated labels for Deadly Grounds Coffee.

Steve's graphic novel, Rise of the Harvester synopsis:

Samuel Troyer was different than the other children in the small village of Brantwood. He was much bigger and stronger. And he was a little odd, which made him an outcast and a loner. But when his father finds willing children for him to play with, his dark side surfaces and new formed friendships end all too quickly.

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